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Smart Tea Maker

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An excellent tea maker that is practical and simple to use. Made of durable food grade plastic. Stainless steel filter included. Dishwasher Safe. Approx capacity: 470ml (16 fl oz). 3 1/2" Diameter x 5 3/4" Height. Made in Taiwan with BPA-free Tritan plastic.

Basic Instructions

  1. Place tea leaves in the Smart Tea Maker.
  2. Add boiling water.
  3. Steep tea to your taste.
  4. Place the Smart Tea Maker on top of a cup or mug and let the tea drain into the cup.
  5. Remove the Smart Tea Maker to stop the flow. Your tea is ready to serve.

Product Reviews
Review Summary
Smart Tea Maker   $16.98
46 Reviews
80% (37)
17% (8)
2% (1)
0% (0)
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93% Recommend this product (43 of 46 responses)
By Rick
Decatur, AL
August 20, 2020
Great product
Love this. Makes making tea even easier. Easy to clean and great for a cup of tea at a time.
By Don
July 24, 2020
Smart Tea Maker
Purchased to replace an unit that was several years old and suffered a crack after being dropped. Easy to use and allows for multiple brewing's.
By Rose
San Antonio, Texas
November 20, 2018
A no brainer that is indispensable if you are a tea lover.
By Roberta
Tulsa, ok
February 25, 2018
the glass tea pot
I really like this one. when it gets the color you want just set it on top of your cup and it run through. Just make sure you have a large cup or watch it close so the cup will not over flow. I really like this. It is a little hard to clean.
By Michael
Boonie Town, USA
March 31, 2017
Good for ALL kinds of Teas
I got mine, as a gift. Have not stopped using it since.

Also consider, Remedy Teas, Medicinal Tinctures made in drinking alcohol. Drink to your Health !!!
By JoeHomoski
Poconos, PA
October 6, 2015
Perfect for a Cup or Two
Intriguing design. It dispenses hot tea from the bottom when it sits atop a cup. If you have opaque cups, it gets tricky. But you get to see when the tea has steeped to your desired color. If the lid came off cleanup would be much easier. But despite the criticism, I use it almost daily. I will also give it as a gift to a few people.
By Lori
Bayville, NJ
July 21, 2015
Smart Tea Maker
I like this product very much. It make making a cup of tea using loose tea leaves easy. It makes a perfect cup every time. I would highly recommend this product for brewing loose tea leaves.
By Karen Booze
Gresham, Oregon
May 25, 2015
Was a smart purchase.
I love this cup for loose leaf team steeping. It is a great idea and works really well. Came just as described.
By Curlycolly
Charlotte, NC, United States
May 20, 2015
Makes great tea but
Makes great tea but when steeping the container is hot to touch.
By Sheila
Buffalo NY
April 28, 2015
Love it!
Simple to use, works great.
By Christina Dale
Albion, NY
March 2, 2015
Better then imagined
I absolutely love this tea maker. It's the perfect size for brewing the right amount of tea, and I love the way it dispenses into my cup. I couldnt have asked for a better designed tea maker!! Two thumbs WAY up for this one!!!
By Steve
Seattle, WA
November 29, 2014
A truly better way to brew tea
It works very well and makes fantastic tea.
By Andrew
Salem, MA
March 11, 2014
Works well, but true cleaning is impossible.
The title says it all. There's a space between the mesh strainer and the spout on the bottom that is impossible to access, that over time has become encrusted with the residue of many tea brewings, despite my efforts to rinse it regularly after every use. There is no way, near as I can tell, to disassemble it and clean that space out. It's starting to impart unpleasant flavors to tea now. I loved this when I got it, but I never use it now.
By Michelle J
January 11, 2014
I bought this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. She keeps it at work with a little sample of tea so she can drink tea at work
By Vince
Johnstown, PA
December 22, 2013
Can't Beat This One
This is the second one we have purchased. No mess, no fuss, steeps perfectly and neatly drains into a tea cup. We will be purchasing additional ones to give as gifts and to have when company comes so a variety of teas can be conveniently served.
By Nova
Raleigh NC
December 1, 2013
Have been wanting for a while
Have seen these in tea restaurants, when individual sampling were available. I love it! It is perfect for multiple brewing of oblongs and puerhs, I can use smaller amounts of tea and the steeper is refilled as many as six times for my own drinking at home.

By cecilia
boston, MA
December 1, 2013
A nifty little devise
This is a nifty little devise. It works very well in brewing small tea leaves and is easy to use and to clean. I've found that I've had to take care to keep my tea hot enough. I think this is because the plastic container can't be preheated and doesn't retain heat well (even though I use a tea cosy) and the single cup of tea is poured into a cup. Therefore, ones hot tea has had two "cooling" experiences before being drunk. I add milk which of course doesn't help. One other small caveat: it is not aesthetic, in the way that tea pots and cups usually are.
By Dee
November 25, 2013
definitely a winner
I haven't personally used it but I got it for my bf and he loves it and has been using it daily since he got it.
By FM Anderson
San Jose, CA 95112
September 8, 2013
Smarter, Not Harder
This clever contraption makes it even easier to fully enjoy your favorite loose leaf tea and share it with others, too! The durable construction and materials make this item an excellent value as well as handy for travel. (No worry of breakage!) It is a neat and tidy way to brew tea and see clearly the color of the tea as it brews. I wish there was a discount on purchase of two or more because I would buy them as gifts for all my tea-loving friends!
By Rheyn
June 13, 2013
Great product, great price
We have used a near-identical product for a few years, and we decided we needed another. It makes perfect tea, is easy to clean, and looks nice, too -- all at a price significantly lower than more well-known online tea brands.
By stuart
Beaumont, TX
April 22, 2013
Great tea making tool!
This is a very easy to use tool. Was a bit worried about getting it cleaned out but rinses clean very easily. No complaints here at all.
By Tish
Atlanta, GA
April 12, 2013
Nothing Better
There is nothing better than this product. It works like a charm. If you are constantly on the go, this is the best way to enjoy good tea - FAST, with no mess. The price is great, also.
By alex
nashville, TN
March 27, 2013
Smart tea maker
I bought this for a gift for my sister's birthday and she was absolutely thrilled with the tea maker. It's portable enough for the office ,as well as, home use. The only reason I gave it only four stars is because my sister said that the instructions were a bit difficult to undestand on how to use the product.
By Mary
March 25, 2013
Smart Tea Maker
A great find. Too bad it's not larger!!!
By boz
Los Angeles
March 1, 2013
The Best
Best infuser I have ever used, period.
By Sheryl
February 23, 2013
Great addition to our tea demostration
By Thomas
January 25, 2013
The smart tea maker is amazing for making great quality loose leaf tea. And easy to use.
By Daria
January 21, 2013
Tea Maker
Once again, Enjoying Tea has a product that is perfect for brewing loose leaf tea! In addition to the reasonable price, the quality is great, shipping was quick, and I wouldn't hesitate to suggest this item and this company for tea and tea related item purchases.
By Donna
Auburn, Wa
January 11, 2013
Although I am finding it hard to find a cup that works with this brewer. I have found that I can use a spoon handle to trigger the mechanix to empty into the drinking cup. As to cleanup it's great!
By Robert E. Tapp
Boise City, OK
June 10, 2012
Smart Tea Maker
Works very well & fits most cups
By Alissa
Fremont, CA
May 25, 2012
So good for tea!!
This product is so wonderful! The mesh filter works wonders at filtering out tiny tea bits. Great flow of tea coming out to your cup when it's done brewing. I leave this at the offce and use it again and again throughout the day.
By Annette VanDeKreeke
Kiel, WI
April 20, 2012
Oh yes!
Boy, am I loving this! No guesswork, no mess, no pushing the little bits of tea into the fine mesh. I love that I can see how dark the tea is getting - since I'm usually doing at least five other things when I stop to make myself a cup and easily lose track of the time I began steeping it.
By Vance
Dallas, TX
April 15, 2012
Perfect for the office
This is perfect for the office. Use the hot water from the coffee machine and you have a perfect cup of tea.
By Ruben
San Diego, CA
April 10, 2012
Very good way to make tea with minimal effort to make it, with this easy to clean tea maker. It dispenses very easely and with no asssel to make tea with.
By Antoine
Gwynn Oak, MD
March 27, 2012
Steeping made easy.
I received one of these a while ago when I placed an order over $80.00, but never saw a place to write a review. Anyway, I love this tea maker, and I use mine multiple times per day. Put your tea in, pour in your hot water, steep, and simply place on top of your tea cup. Viola! Tea time! Single cup measurement is easy since 8 ounces of water will bring you right at the small text on the 'Enjoying Tea' logo that is on the tea maker.

If your also drink puerh tea, like I do, you may want to get a separate tea maker for it. Puerh tends to stain the plastic and may affect the taste of other teas if brewed in the same tea maker as puerh.
By gl
richmond, ca
September 16, 2011
fun and perfect
i ordered three. it's perfect for loose tea.
By Kimberly
Gettysburg, Pa.
April 27, 2011
Great price for a great product.
I have been able to use ones from different companies that cost twice this amount and this one works just as well. Why buy it from anywhere else. The only semi-problem is that the lid's hinge is a little stiff. I love my "smart tea maker"!!
By Debbie
April 26, 2011
smart tea maker.
I bought this to take to work..AWESOME no mess in my cup. Great idea for Rooibos Teas since there are fine compare to green or white teas. I hopefully will buy one more for home now. GREAT GIFT for those who love to drink fresh tea..
By northcoastpj
Lorain, OH
January 8, 2011
When I received this as a gift, I thought, how does this work? I used it this morning following the directions, and wow, it works fantastic! I put in my loose tea, and added hot water from my Keurig; instantly I was brewing tea. I will be purchasing these cups in the future as gifts. I certainly enjoy mine. Thanks
By Lisa
Allentown. Pennsylvania
August 26, 2010
Will buy more of these!!!
I bought this product about a week ago and I love it!!!!!!! I use traditional teapots with the stainless infusers, but sometimes the infusers can make tea taste like metal. This is terrible if you brew expensive teas, and have to dispose of the tea because of the metallic flavor. This tea maker has a mesh strainer in the bottom, but does not affect the flavor of the tea. This tea brewer is the best item I have found to make loose leaf tea and I will be buying another one. Thank you for the great tea brewer!!!!!
By Heather
Chicago, Illinois
June 13, 2010
Great Product
I just got this about a week ago and I LOVE it!! It's really easy to use and it is not messy at all. I am so glad I got this and now I have so many more options of tea than just tea bags! I would recommend this to everyone!
By Roslyn
New Jersey
October 13, 2009
Great Product
I love this team maker I have used it everyday since I received it
By Julie
July 30, 2009
What a surprise!
I love my teapots, but these are so popular that I decided to try one. This one holds 20 ounces, more than the others, and it is on sale. It is very simple to use and clean. The teenagers at my house think it is pretty cool. In fact this tea maker could inspire them to make their own tea once in awhile. I will be buying more to give as gifts and will definitely recommend the Smart Tea Maker to others.
By Van
San Francisco, CA
July 2, 2009
Great Product!
A revolutionary product, can't live without it!
By Thomas
San Francisco, CA
June 30, 2009
Great Product
I'm very happy with this product.
By steve
June 29, 2009
Love it!
Wonderful - works great.

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