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Rose Black Tea

Rose Black Tea is made from fine black tea mixed with crushed rose petals. When brewed this tea produces a reddish brown liquid with a sweet malt taste and a refreshing floral aroma. This is a superior black tea for all occasions. Free shipping with purchase over $60.

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Product Reviews
Review Summary
Rose Black Tea   $7.50
32 Reviews
84% (27)
16% (5)
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94% Recommend this product (30 of 32 responses)
By Risa
August 19, 2020
So good
I never tried this tea before. I love rose. There is a divine quality to this tea. Hard to describe. I love it!
By Sharyn
Little Rock, Arkansas
December 16, 2018
Finally, a good China rose tea!
I have been trying for years to find a rose tea similar to the Rose Pouchong that I was able to buy when I lived in London, UK. This is it!

After all these years, thank you for this lovely fragrant simple black rose-scented tea.
By Ellen
Dallas, GA
March 24, 2018
Fragrant and Delicious.
Rich flavor with a wonderful aroma.
By David
New Jersey
November 1, 2017
This is our favorite breakfast tea.
This is our favorite breakfast tea. The rose petal flavour is refreshing and compliments fruity breakfast foods.
By Serg
Mt.Bethel ,PA
October 29, 2015
Rose Black Tea
Nicely blended to allow the flavours to harmonise and give a refreshing brew.
By Roy
July 11, 2015
Perfect Everyday Drink
The floral flavor and smell of roses enhances this black tea. I drink 2 - 3 cups of this tea while at work. This is an excellent tea for everyday drinking, I become relaxed and better focused on work details after having a cup. This tea seems to go well with a large variety of meals. I recommend it to all my friends that drink tea or coffee.
By carolann
June 23, 2015
rose black tea is a winner
This tea is really balanced. The Black tea is smooth and not at all bitter. And the rose is definitely out front but not at all overpowering. Great Iced as well as hot. A perfect winter or summer tea!
By Mike
June 2, 2015
Great Tea
My wife loved the tea. "The black tea is smooth and the rose flavor is pronounced".
Chicago, IL
March 27, 2015
No Regrets.
Genuinely one of my favorite teas ever. Buy some. Do it now.
By Carol
Denver Colorado
March 21, 2015
Great flavored tea with a nice bouquet!
This has been my only morning tea for the past several months--it replaced my lychee black. It is a real treat.
By Sergey
July 24, 2014
Natural tea rose smell
This tea is very refreshing plus rose accent gives you wonderful taste.
It is really good!
By Sam
Oshkosh, WI
July 22, 2014
Better than expected
I'm not usually a fan of "floral" flavored teas, but this one surprised me. I've found it makes a great iced tea.
By Evanrude
Strasburg, VA
June 5, 2014
Very good tea
I just tried this one to try to find a nice middle of the road tea that I could drink hot or iced. I like it both ways but I will say that I prefer it iced. It has a nice crisp refreshing taste with just a hint of floral. It goes really well iced with mint leaves. I will order this one again.
By Elos
February 12, 2014
best black tea
couldn't stop drinking it. the smell is so good as well as the taste. this is my current number 1 black tea choice unseating earl grey for the top spot.
By Samantha
New York Mills NY
December 28, 2013
Love this tea. Got the sample fell in love and just had to buy a big bag of it!
By Debbie
tumwater washington
October 28, 2013
love this tea
I love this tea it is so good . the first time I bought it I got the one pound bag. yeah oh my it took me two years to drink that tea up so this time I reordered got the 8 oz size . I think its a better size to manage. still probably should have gotten the huge one pounder . im sure I will reorder this tea often.
By Greg
South East
October 27, 2013
Here's your Roses
Now this is FULL Flavor! Very rich. Not my daily cup of tea, but when in the mood, it's on point.
By Laurie
Lansing, MI
July 4, 2013
Rose Black
Hands down my favorite! It's like a warm blanket and a gentle hug on a cold winter night. The smell is wonderful, and the taste is a bit of heaven....the best!
By Julie Fairfield
Montreal, Quebec
May 29, 2013
Even more delicious than I tought!
I had trouble finding rose black tea without aromas in it and decided to try this one (also my first experience with It's awesomet! It is very fragrant and the taste balance is perfect! It is everything I hoped and even more!
By Katy Brezger
Dowagiac, Michigan
May 3, 2013
I absolutely love the flavor.
The best flavor I've had for a black tea in a long time, I got out of the oolongs and the darjeelings and WOW. even when cool this teas has the lovely after flavor of a mild but robust black tea. no bitterness.
By Diana Hice
Kent, WA
April 29, 2013
A nice floral tea
I've been drinking Harrod's rose tea and petals for years and can no longer find it. After reading a review I decided to give this a try. It's very close in taste and I love it. I typically mix with English breakfast tea so the flavor is a little milder that way. Very fresh and high quality.
By Carolyn
Berkeley, CA
March 25, 2013
Deep smooth rose
This is the best rose black tea I can remember having. The dry tea has a lovely rose bouquet. It brews to a rich dark tea that is not overpoweringly flowery and resists getting bitter. I mix in some young puerh which adds a touch of earthiness for a perfect cup of morning tea.
By Kate Butler
Duluth, Minnesota
April 11, 2012
This is the most flavorful tea! I love the scent!
By Jim
Long Island NY
April 10, 2012
Rose Black Tea
Our favorite tea. Got this as a sample two years ago ang have re-ordered it ever since. The rose flavor with the black tea has exquisite aroma and taste
By Carolyn
March 24, 2012
Lovely bouquet
This is a lovely rose black tea with the flower bouquet and flavor you would expect. I especially like it with a pu'erh tea mixed in. The pu'erh by itself is too earthy for my taste, but a little mixed in to this rose tea seems to deepen and enhance the flavor.
By Amy
March 3, 2012
Love the aroma.
I received a sample of this tea with my last order, and I brewed a small pot of it today.It has a very nice flavor and a lovely aroma.
South & East of Middle, North America
September 19, 2011
A Real Treat... Winter or Summer!
We love tea and generally I'm not into floral teas, but Rose Black is the exception! It is fantastic "hot tea" -- even without sugar it is a treat! As a sweetened ice tea it is wonderful, cooling and exotic. It is the tea my guests choose first both summer and winter. I highly recommend Rose Black Tea and the green teas from They have great products and they stand behind them. I recommend and their teas often.
By Kathryn
Nashville, TN
August 8, 2011
What a beautiful tea!
I am a huge fan of floral teas. I picked this tea out as a free sample and boy, am I glad I did! The tea is naturally sweet, delicate and not too strong. I drank my first cup last night and it was so relaxing to have after a long stressful day. I will definitely buy this again.
By Janae
April 21, 2011
Another great tea from
I got a sample of this and I think it's wonderful. The black tea itself is great, and the rose petals added in make it all the lovelier.
By Kacy Whalen
Tampa, Florida
March 17, 2011
Wife loves it
Not my thing, but she would give it five stars.
By Kiki
Oakland, ca
September 8, 2010
Sweet, subtle, not bitter
I fell in love with rose black tea from Republic of Tea, but they sell it only January to March. I've been in search of another source of a sweet, rose flavored tea, and finally found it!

I like my tea very sweet with cream, and when made this way, the flavor literally stays with me and makes me feel happy inside for hours later!

The tea is not bitter at all, not harsh. My roommate says it's so sweet it doesn't need sugar. There have been times I've accidentally left it brewing, and a quick zap in the microwave brings it back to fresh.

I'm not much of a tea drinker, so I'm very particular about my tea -- most of them I just don't like. This tea is absolutely my favorite!

In all, a great floral tea!

By Ewelina
March 4, 2010
very very good!

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