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Prince of Wales Black Tea

The Prince of Wales Tea is a blended of Assam black tea, Ceylon black tea, Gunpowder green tea, Lucky Dragon Hyson green tea, and natural black currant flavoring. This blend of teas is fit for a ‘king-in-waiting’. It produces a golden reddish liquid with a very smooth taste. This tea with a hint of black currant flavor is very enjoyable at any time of the day. Free shipping with purchase over $60.

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Product Reviews
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21 Reviews
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By Hoot
Not what I was expecting
September 15, 2020
Love the fruit flavor. Did not expect the flavor of the fruit to be there. I love the tea.
By Deanna
Reno, NV
My favorite tea now
December 2, 2017
This tea is awesome!!!!
By Melinda
Albuquerque, NM
Wonderful Tea
August 9, 2015
I have been looking for this version of Prince of Wales tea for a while. It is more fragrant than the one sold by Twinnings in the black box, when you can get it. Although this one drinks like a black tea, it is a blend with green tea and cornflower petals and a bit of black currant flavor that does not taste artificial. I drink it hot, sugar only, and find it to be a wonderful afternoon tea. I steeped it for 4 minutes and there was no bitter taste. A special tea that I am happy to have found!
By Agnes
NE Florida
a delight
April 23, 2015
This is one of the most enchanting blends you could every hope for. If you enjoy iced tea and if you are a fan of peach, you can add a frozen peach slice and a sprig of mint for a wonderful refreshment.
By David S.
san diego
Good tea
December 10, 2014
Great tasting mild tea.
By Allen
October 6, 2014
Good for a change, not too strong.
By Jim
Wanaque, New Jersey
Quality tea
August 29, 2014
Nice tea, makes a great cup
By D
Go-to tea for iced tea
April 1, 2014
Our family just loves this tea iced all year long.
By Ron L.
A very Pleasant new taste
January 24, 2014
I like it stronger than people
By Robin
Littlte Rock, AR
Excellent Prince of Wales Tea
December 29, 2013
One of the best Prince of Wales Tea that I have every tasted!!
By boots
botts, il
November 25, 2013
By Gary M.
Henderson, TN
Delightful alternative
July 14, 2013
Prince of Wales makes the perfect cup of tea for any time of day. I always loved darjeeling, but this is a very delightful alternative. I recommend it highly.
By Carolyn
Berkeley, CA
Favorite morning tea
July 12, 2013
I've never tried Prince of Wales tea before this, so I don't have anything to compare it with. This black tea has a smooth slightly black currant fruit flavor. I wouldn't call it a fruit-flavored tea such as the Enjoying Tea raspberry black or mango green I've also tried. This is a subtler flavored tea and one of my favorites so far.
By Desert F.
Awesome iced tea!!
April 2, 2013
My family uses this as a staple iced tea. It has a natural sweetness due to the currants.
By Lori
Jackson, MS
Prince of Wales Tea
March 26, 2013
Very nice tea. No bitter edge. I prefer my tea on the strong side and this does not leave any bitter aftertaste or "filmy" feeling. Very nice chilled as well.
By bob
Boston, ma
green and black
March 10, 2013
Great blend of green and black teas. Solid everyday breakfast tea. Stands up to milk and sugar well but also good black. Incredible aroma. Enjoying Tea is the best value on the web. I used to buy from Special Teas until they merged/sold out. They seem like a similar company for price , chose and quality. I hope they hang in there. The only thing I am longing for is a good East Friesan blend.
By Bix
Prince of Wales Tea. Special and fine.
March 5, 2013
This version is surprisingly and pleasantly nice! It has a wonderfully light liquor yet a strong body without being tanic. You can drink it without milk" Of course, any black tea without milk is barbaric -to a Westerner or Englishman! But now a little history!

Prince of Wales tea was first made for Edward (the divorcee chaser), whom became King of England for about 45 minutes, only to relinquish his crown at THE most critical time in England's history because he wanted an American divorcee named Walace Simpson. She is still disparangly referred to as "Mrs. Simpson', or simply, "That Woman". Edward, abdicated the crown and became "The Duke of Windsor" (ha), and Walace became "That Woman" and was entitled to ...nothing royal. In fact, she was not even permitted back in England until her husband, the Duke, died in 1972. In the mean time, Edwards, brother, "Poor Bertie" stuttered his way into our hearts as The King who would not abandon his people even when the bombs were falling. Thank God for a great Regent!

I am grateful that Edward abdicated, as Bertie was a far finer bloke. I am also grateful for Edward because he had this wonderful tea blended!! OK, so Edward was THE Upper Class Twit of The Century and a bloody nazi-lover, but he DID NOT fall for the nazi efforts to obtain his support during war time. Edward only supported the nazis before The Battle of Britain... Yeah, Okay, he was a creep and had no sense of duty. However, he DID have a fantastic sense of taste for the finer things in life (the cad). Naturally, he HAD to have a special tea blend all his own. What was that exact blend? Hmmm. Presumably, Twinings, whom purchased the rights to sell the blend from The Palace knows the exact blend. Is this the same blend that Edward drank as The Prince of Wales in the 1920s? Who knows. I have had many versions of this tea. It is supposed to be ALL Chinese tips from the best regions (e.g. monkey tea, etc.) Twinings received the Official Windsor Royal wink to use the forgotton blend and they have been producing it for a long time. Of course, Twinings rarely sells Price of Wales in England! I think you have to go to the famous shop on The Strand to buy it and I suspect that this is far better than the boxed variety sold in groceries all over the world (except Britain!). It comes in a black box from Twinings (if you can find it) and it is surely their best mass-marketed tea. I tastes simply like good Chinese tea with a hint of something else...Hmmm. However, ET's Prince of Wales, is far more colourful, delicate, robust and FAR more likely to be closer to the real thing than what Twinings sells in the supermarket. But, who knows?!! perhaps someone who is still alive and somehow tasted the real thing will write about the tea? Perhaps Twinings will open up their vaults and reveal the truth? (nah) In the mean time, I will continue to sample different Prince of Wales blends and wonder. ET's version is WELL worth the price and, if the lads at ET are still talking to me, I will surely buy more.

PS: Don't buy Darjeeling, unless you see the atached symbol! Without this symbol, you have less than a 5% chance of scoring real Darjeeling. Don't take my word for this...
By D
wonderful icedtea
December 15, 2012
Since discovering this tea in the spring, I have been ordering it for my family to enjoy iced.
By Raquel
April 14, 2012
By Gregory
Grayson, GA
This Prince is Rich
April 10, 2012
Don't let my 3-star rating deter you from trying this fine tea, as I'm not a fan of the Black Currant flavor which is pronounced. This is a fine black tea, robust and if you like black currant, give this a try.
By Bozena
Lowell , MA
greate taste
March 22, 2011
this is my another favorite tea

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