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Organic Green Rooibos

Green Rooibos Tea is the unfermented Cape Rooibos Red Bush Tea. It is harvested in small batches and moved straight from the mountain slopes to the drying facilities, to stop the rapid, natural fermentation. Flavonoids and anti-oxidants are higher than fermented Cape Rooibos.

Green Rooibos has a light, smooth and aromatic taste. With low tannin and the absence of caffeine makes it an ideal drink, even at night. Green Rooibos is a super thirst quencher. Drink it hot or cold and it makes an excellent iced tea. USDA Organic

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By Anna
January 13, 2019
We really like this tea We have been drinking it for many years and never tire of it. It requires nothing added. Enjoy!
By Gregory Gaylen
Grayson, GA
January 5, 2019
New and Refreshing
Tried this recently and am very happy with the flavor and smoothness. Requires very little tea per cup.
By Gregory
Grayson, GA
November 11, 2018
So Distinct...and good
This is the only Rooibos that I've tried and it did not disappoint. Very crisp flavor without being overwhelming. Seems that organic teas add a richness to their flavor. I enjoy this Green Rooibos day or night,
By Nancy
Traverse City MI
July 21, 2018
Light and delicious
I've been drinking this tea for many years. I brew it with grated fresh ginger and sweeten with a bit of stevia. Delightful. I keep it in a thermos and sip all day. Very satisfying.
By Justin
San Francisco CA
March 18, 2018
Superb Tea
I've been buying the Organic Green Rooibos Tea from EnjoyingTea for many years. I'm one of their regular customers. They are a local company here in San Francisco. Very pleased with them. Would highly recommend.
December 30, 2017
Green tea kin.
I drink the cape rooibos and honey bush every day. This green rooibos does not compare in my opinion. It is a good drink but it seems to be more akin to traditional green tea other than it brews up sort of an amber color. It is rather thin and I prefer mine to steep much longer than recommended so it is stronger and bolder. Still it is a good drink but I likely wont buy this kind anymore after I use up this pound of it although I'm yet to mix it with other teas and tisanes yet so I may find a use yet.
By Susan
December 27, 2017
Great Tea!
I was drinking the red rooibos but found it stained my teeth terribly. So I went with the green rooibos and love it. The flavor is not as sweet as the red rooibos and it is not as full flavored. It is kind of the "green tea" of the rooibos family. I find it very satisfying.
By J
aptos, ca
October 31, 2017
Excellent for your health.
Add it to other teas to boost your immune system
and help lower blood pressure.

Great tea to drink before sleeping.

By Steve
Kingsdown, Ks.
August 11, 2015
Great flavor. Very good for an evening drink.
By Tom
South Milwaukee, WI 53172
May 15, 2015
organic green rooibos
very pleasant taste. great price!
By Tom
South Milwaukee, WI
May 4, 2015
first time had rooibos tea. delicious!
By Phil
Aurora, CO
October 16, 2014
I bought this item expecting a green color............"green rooibos"......not green. But it is still drinkable, not one of my faves since I don't really get into rooibos tea
By thea
fallbrook, ca
December 15, 2013
good night time tea to unwind
healthy tea
By Rae DeCarlo
schenectady NY
August 1, 2013
Oranic Green Rooibos Loose tea
I order this Organic Rooibos tea on a regular basis. I love the flavor, it is so much better than tea bag tea.
By Ken
August 1, 2013
Great Iced Tea Product
I purchased this tea specifically for making an all day, every day iced tea. I have found the Organic Green Rooibos to be excellent for this in every way. This is my first Rooibos and it certainly won't be my last. The amber hued tea has a light and refreshing taste that is not overpowering at all. It tastes good both plain and with a slight amount of sugar. The absence of caffeine makes this a beverage that can be consumed at will with no fear of pushing the "caffeine envelope". You can drink a big glass and go to bed with no worries. I followed the brewing instructions and they are spot on for making iced tea (steeping about 4 minutes). As always, the pricing is very competitive and the tea quality is first rate. Thanks EnjoyingTea for another great tea drinking experience.
By Toni
May 5, 2013
excellent and had a real good smooth mellow flavor, Shipping was good
By yve
boston, ma
February 28, 2013
organic green rooibos tea
the tea is very light. i am used to drink strong tea, so this tea is a bit light. i have to use more than what i normally do with other types.
By Linda
January 21, 2013
Organic Green Rooibos
It is very good! It has great color, great smell and great taste. It is very good hot or iced. There is
absolutely no caffine,you can drink this all day and not have a problem sleeping. I have a Krups
Tea Maker and it keeps all the tiny pieces out of my brewed tea. I love it and will be ordering it again. I also like the fast service,great price and nice packages the tea is in. Thank You Enjoying
By J
santa cruz, ca
December 4, 2012
organic green rooibos
first rate green rooibos... excellent for balancing the body.
By Alison
San Francisco, CA
October 27, 2012
Great tea
The green rooibos is wonderful, full of a rich subtle flavor. I am very happy to have found an excellent source of this tea.
By Wolfgang Brach
July 31, 2012
very likable...smooth, wonderful aroma and taste...
By Scott
San Francisco, CA
June 17, 2012
My new favorite thing
Loose leaf. Appearance: small, needle-like green and brown rooibos leaves. Liquor: light brown infusion. The only downside is that there is more than a little sedimentation using my standard tea strainer (the leaves are small). Using a cloth sachet makes a big difference. Smell: clean and sweet. Taste: complex, warm, clean, and a little spicy. I cant describe the taste with any degree of justice because it really is just amazing. The lack of tannins means that you can leave the leaves in for a long time and the liquor remains smooth and delicious (I left some in before leaving to go workout and even after that it was delicious). And the lack of caffeine in rooibos means that this is perfect for after your caffeine cutoff time (mine is about 5:00 pm). This tisane has a nice second infusion. This also works really well cold. I will fill a cloth sachet with the rooibos, fill a pitcher with water, and then leave it in the fridge over night. This very seriously is my new favorite thing. I dont like the sediment, but the taste is so amazing that Im still giving this 8/10.
By Pat Freeman
Austin, Texas
June 16, 2012
organic green rooibus
Enjoy drinking this tea every afternoon.
By Totally Tea Totaller
Las Vegas
April 23, 2012
Sip A Superfood
Unnfermented red tea has more anti-oxidants than just about any tea, herbal or otherwise, out there. I switched from white tea as my afternoon tea for that alone. A squeeze of lemon compliments the flavor nicely. Include this beverage in an anti-inflammatory diet.

Quality tea at the best price I've found on the web!
By Richard Duane
new york city
April 10, 2012
a soothing quality
Have enjoyed this tea for quite some time now and order it regularly and will continue to enjoy its benefits. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and has a soothing quality. A friend claims that it helps with his breathing issues do to asthma.
By Ted
Jacksonville, Florida
April 9, 2012
Blends well with Assam to create a classic tasting southern iced tea.
By Ryan
September 7, 2010
great tea
This tea is excellent... The longer you steep it, the better it tastes. Though it's 'green' rooibos, it still brews a reddish color which i found interesting haha. $9 for 8oz.. can't find a better deal. Definitely will be buying again.

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