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Lapsang Souchong

Lapsang souchong is a special Chinese black tea. This tea produces a reddish hue liquor with a smooth crisp taste and a smoky aroma of pine wood fire. The lapsang souchong is considered to be heavy and overpowering by many.

The method of production for this tea is the following: The leaves are first withered over fires of pine wood. After pan-frying and rolling, they are presses into wooden barrels and covered with cloth to ferment until they give off a pleasant fragrance. The leaves are fired again and rolled into taut strips. Then they are placed in bamboo baskets and hung on wooden racks over smoking pine fires to dry and absorb the smoke flavor.

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Lapsang Souchong   $8.98
21 Reviews
71% (15)
19% (4)
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90% Recommend this product (19 of 21 responses)
By Alexander Polak
Northbrook, IL
April 28, 2015
Great tea
Thanks for the tea. I love it a lot especially after sauna.
By Bruce
April 23, 2015
Tea drinking family
As with all our previous numerous purchases, we are very pleased with this tea.
By Larry
Marion, Ohio
November 13, 2014
too strong
description said really strong smoke flavor, and the smoke is too strong for me
By Ricardo
February 24, 2014
Best I have found
I was lucky in finding enjoying teas I have bought, including Lapsang Souchng are far superior to others. There is a secret here, somewhere.........Ricardo
By David
Madison, WI
October 22, 2013
Great for smoking ribs
I use these leaves for smoking ribs in the oven (America's Test Kitchen recipe) and it works great. I think it would be really odd to actually uses these for drinking tea, due to there smoke flavor.
By Lucy
San Diego
May 10, 2013
Delicious, fragrant, smoky tea
Delighted with my Lapsang Souchong tea. Brings back instant memories of childhood in England as soon as the boiling water hits the leaves. Great fragrance and a smoky finish. Highly recommend to those who enjoy something other than Earl Grey!
By Pamela
New Orleans, La
March 25, 2013
great smokey flavor
i had stumbled onto this tea while i was ordering the russian caravan tea which i really loved, they were out of stock on it and this was the only other "smoked" tea they had it was a bit more expensive then the russian and i was hesitant to order a large bag seeing as though they do not have this in sample size. but i took a chance and ordered anyways, and was not disapointed. if you like the russian caravan or like smoked flavored teas this is a great one. it has a light yet rich taste that is not to strong but gives just enough smoked aroma to please the sences. great with a touch of cream and honey. one of my all time favorits.
By Rick S.
New Bern, NC
March 16, 2013
Enjoying (lapsang souchong) Tea
Ordered this to replenish my long-depleted supply of lapsang souchong, my favorite tea.

Delivery was remarkably quick.

And, my tastebuds all but shouted for joy upon sampling my first cup!

Thanks for your help in EnjoyingTea!

Rick S.
By Mindy
Long Island, NY
February 7, 2013
My husband and I love this tea! He is a scotch drinker and the smokey, peaty taste of the lapsang souchong really appeals to him. I close my eyes and I feel like I'm sitting by a warm, aromatic campfire.
By Lesli
Omaha, NE
November 10, 2012
Light on flavor
Not as flavorful as I would like, so maybe I should let it steep longer.
By Paul
Marshfield, WI
August 20, 2012
A new favorite
This tea has quickly become one of my favorites. The smoky aroma and flavor of the tea on a chilly morning reminds me of early morning campfires when camping.
By Douglas
Itasca, IL
June 30, 2012
Lapsang Souchong
Out of the many teas I have on hand, this tea has remained one of my favourites for many years
By Mervette
Vancouver, BC
April 28, 2012
This tea is very smokey. I mix a little of it with Gomeh tea, or any unflavoured black tea - very nice with a meal and after a meal. I find it a little overpowering on its own but definitely worth a try.
By Lucy
April 21, 2012
Lapsang Souchong - the real deal!
I grew up in England and some of my earliest memories are of making a pot of Lapsang each morning and each tea time to drink as a family. Finally I have found a tea here in the US that brings back the flavor and the memories! Highly recommended to all who like the smoky, delicate taste of this lovely tea.
By Bruce Heald
Henderson, Nevada
April 13, 2012
Tea for relaxing.
We very much enjoy your tea ( Lapsang Souchong) as always. We order this tea over and over because it is perfect for us. Your service is quick and always packed and shipped perfectly.
Thank you !
By Jim
Long Island NY
April 10, 2012
Lapsang Souchong
Lapsang Souchong is a tea you will love or hate in general. The strong smokey flavor is its attraction or turnoff depending on your likes and dislikes. This blend has a nicely balanced smoke aroma and flavor without the strong tarry taste of inferior examples of the style. Try it as sample to see if you like it.
By Linda
Micanopy, FL
April 9, 2012
Great Lapsang Souchong
Stoong black tea with nice smoky tones. Stands up well to milk. My favorite tea.
By jglassman
los angeles CA
April 9, 2012
Lapsang Souchong
Great tasting tea, always reliable, great service A+++
By Stacey
August 15, 2011
This tea always brings a smile to my face
Every time I smell Lapsang Souchong I think of family camping trips. It's that first cup of tea that you drink as you stand around the morning campfire on a chilly morning while you wait for everyone else to crawl out of their tents. You can smell the campfire and it just warms your spirit. When I can't get outdoors to play or when my next vacation is just too far away I brew myself a pot of Lapsang Souchong and soon I'll be smiling again!
By chad
California North Coast
December 20, 2010
Flavor and Aroma Yes!
This is my tea! When I can't get this, I settle for Earl Gray, but the operative word is "settle". Nothing comes close to Lapsang! The aroma is deeply satisfying, and the rich flavor just does the job!
By Elona
November 9, 2009
I was a little leery about this after seeing comments elsewhere. Then I brewed my first pot and the smell made me think I had probably wasted my money. I loved the tea from the first sip. The aroma is definitely stronger than the taste, though it is a strong tea. If you like the taste of smoked cheeses you will probably like this.

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