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Large Peony Flower Iron Cast Teapot

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This teapot is made from sturdy iron and has enamel coating on the interior to prevent rusting. The teapot has a peony flower design on the body. Peony flower symbolizes prosperity and wealth in Asian culture. Cast ironware heats evenly and retains heat well and is praised worldwide for their beauty, strength, and superb quality. In addition to brewing tea, you can also use this teapot directly on stovetop to heat water.

Historically during the mid 19th century as infused tea drinking became more popular in Japan, “tetsubin” or cast iron teapot evolved from being a kitchen item to being a status symbol used to serve tea. Many nobles cherish their teapots as treasures and are kept in the family for generations.

This product includes the following:
  • 1 teapot (approximate capacity: 3000 ml or 102 fl oz)
  • No Removable Stainless Filter
Note: this is a huge teapot and is not a typical size for regular tea brewing.

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By Gavin
Eugene, Oregon
February 13, 2017
Not Enamel Lined
As another reviewer pointed out, this pot is painted inside, not enamel as indicated in the description on this site. Unaware of this I subjected many people to the residue of whatever was in that paint as it was eventually washed away by the tea I served them. It was only when I noticed the rough texture of the interior that I realized that the interior coating was gone revealing the cast iron underneath.
That being said, I have fallen in love with the pot as have the groups of people I serve on a regular basis. Only pot of this size that I could find and it always makes a great impression.
Hopefully there is some way to remove the interior paint before use so as to not consume what ever toxins are in that interior paint. I recommend this only for those willing to remove the interior paint.
By Debbi
Minneapolis, Minnesota
June 15, 2013
Large peony teapot
I recently purchased this large teapot. I really enjoy it so little heavy and difficult to handle time. The water gets extremely hot. It holds the heat well. I boil the water to certain temperature. I let set for two minutes before putting into my teapot that I'm brewing. I purchased an expensive teapot. Excellent quality. The quality of this pot is not poor, but it serves the purpose. I is the party every day, sometimes twice a day. I think it's a good purchase.
By Fred Walker
Atlanta, Georgia
March 27, 2013
Excellent teabag holder
I bought this teapot for use as a sort-of-humidor for holding a standard size box of Lipton 100 orange pekoe / black tea bags. It is just the right size for this purpose. The top opening is over four inches wide allowing big hands to have easy access. The lid fits nice and flat and a tapered cork inserted into the spout from the inside seals the pot - obviously not totally airtight but still a nice storage container.

This is by far the largest tetsubin style pot I have ever seen with the previous record being a fixed handle pot of about 60 ounces. Although this teapot does not match the quality of expensive Japanese tetsubin pots costing over three times as much, it is quite nice. The pot is well cast and painted inside and out with a gloss black paint topped on the outside with a rust brown finish which was wiped to enhance the raised portions of the casting. Using a liquid paint remover and paper towels to further clean up and highlight the raised embossing can further enhance the appearance. Use care if you decide to do this as the paint can be completely removed down to the metal if you are not careful.

The well crafted handle moved rather stiffly at first but a little motorcycle chain oil smoothed it right up. Motorcycle chain oil is ideal for cast iron teapots as it is initially very thin but the solvent evaporates leaving a fairly thick water resistant lubricant easily immune to the occasional rinse. Another nice thing is that hot tea will liquefy the lubricant temporarily making it somewhat self healing. If you buy chain lubricant in a spray can be sure to squirt it into a container and use a small screwdriver to drip the oil into the handle mounting holes.

I am very happy with the teapot.
By Jane
Reno, Nevada
February 20, 2011
Great Large Cast Iron Teapot!
I've been looking for a large cast iron teapot for years! This is the one for brewing large pots of tea on the stove or just by adding hot water. I make a large pot of "Chai Tea" and then pour it into six 16 oz insulated tumblers and place into the refrig overnite to enjoy an "Iced Chai Latte" the next day.... The teapot handle is moveable, but it doesn't come with a mesh strainer, so I use large paper tea bags. Or a mesh sink strainer fits this size perfectly also. This teapot allows me to make enjoy an entire week of my afternoon lattes.... Great find.......

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