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Keemun Black Tea, (Qihong)

This is an exquisite black tea from the southern Anhui province in China. When brewed it has a sweet orchid aroma and a dark orange color. Keemun black tea is considered the finest of all black teas.

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48 Reviews
63% (30)
33% (16)
4% (2)
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98% Recommend this product (47 of 48 responses)
By Machelle
December 7, 2019
Keemun Black Tea
This is a great strong black tea for a midday relaxation moment.
By Joy
Nortonville, Kentucky
May 26, 2019
Mellow flavor
I try to keep a variety of teas for different occasions and moods. This tea is mellow and good anytime.
By Tony
Fredericton, NB
March 8, 2019
An excelletn Keemun
This is nutty rather than smokey. Makes a lovely dark cup if you make it strong (as I prefer). You can let it steep without it becoming bitter. Lovely clean taste. Highly recommend.
By Bert Shoemaker
Aiken, SC
April 28, 2018
Great Value!
Excellent Keemun flavor & taste at a very fair price.
By Albert M. Shoemaker
Aiken, SC
March 28, 2018
Classic Keemun flavor!
If you like Keemun black tea, this is an excellent choice with great flavor at a very affordable cost.
By William
November 21, 2015
Keemun Black
It was a pleasure to find this source for such a enjoyable tea. I will be ordering more!
By Patricia Sarko
Jacksonville FL
July 24, 2015
Love this tea
Great price, fast shipping
By Patti
Downieville, CA
July 8, 2015
Versatile stalwart
This is my everyday tea. It's especially good for making sun tea and is a must to take camping.Very flavorful with no bitterness, it comes through an occasional distracted brewing with no ill effects.
By alex karas
July 4, 2015
keemun black tea
a good black tea for your money
By Michelle
Huntington IN
May 28, 2015
This is a very nice strong black tea. It reminds me a lot of Russian caravan tea. I like to drink this tea when I have dark chocolate.
By Peter
Riverview FL
May 5, 2015
Average tea for average price
this tea is everything about a black tea which one should expect, It's a good safe choice to keep in the cup -board when someone asks for black tea.
By Larry
Marion, Ohio
November 13, 2014
Nice Flavor
A real good tasting tea, I enjoyed it very much
By Bert Shoemaker
Vero Beach, FL
September 20, 2014
Exceptional Value!
For daily drinkers and lovers of Keemun Black Tea, this is an excellent choice for that classic flavor and at a very affordable price per pound. Highly recommended!
By Molly
Friendship ME
July 30, 2014
Quality tea
Enjoying Tea provides great service for quality teas at a reasonable price. Keemun is my daily breakfast tea. Hard to describe its slightly winey flavor.
By Flo
Mpls. MN
July 16, 2014
Keemum is strong and rich
Very good but gets strong fast so be careful to pull the strainer out after a few minutes
By Sparrowhawk
March 19, 2014
Excellent Morning Tea
This tea is great for drinking in the morning. The smokey quality was a little odd at first because I've never had a tea with that sort of flavor but I got used to it and ended up finding the smokiness very pleasant. Great tea.
By berlat
March 2, 2014
Keemun black
By Gayla
Atlanta, GA
November 15, 2013
Nice cuppa
I really enjoy the rich, smoky flavor of Keemun tea. It's especially nice on a cold morning.
By Joan Hyme
Kingston, New York
October 15, 2013
Excellent Tea
An excellent black tea with very nice after taste. I drink it every day.

By Michael
Cape Cod, MA
September 26, 2013
Loyal Keemun fan.
After sampling many varieties of teas here, as many as 10 I think, I settled on Keemun about 2 years ago. It is now the only tea I drink, and probably two pots per day. Solid, deep (I drink it black), smooth, this greets me as I rise, and helps end my evening dinner. While I also enjoy the Puer served at the local Hunan restaurant when I eat out, it is always Keemun I return to.
By D
August 3, 2013
Undertones of prune flavor
By Gayla
Atlanta, GA
May 30, 2013
Keemun Black Tea
The flavor is slightly smoky and robust, delicious hot or iced.
By Curt
Ephrata. PA
April 16, 2013
Smooth and tasty but not very smokey
By John
West Palm Beach, Florida
April 15, 2013
Combo Tea
Nice robust flavor. Very good with tea honey and a second slightly more subtle tea.
By Michael
HARWICH, Massachusetts
April 4, 2013
Remains My Favorite
Full-bodied, great flavor, my morning tea of choice now for several years.
By Michael
HARWICH, Massachusetts
January 31, 2013
My Favorite
I've been drinking this tea from Enjoying Tea for more than two years, and it remains my favorite. Strong, full body, dark in color almost like black coffee, a pot of this tea is a great start to the day.
By DrLucille
Blairsville Georgia
December 1, 2012
Great tea from a Great Dealer
I have had very satisfactory service from Enjoying Tea. and their prices - and knowledge, is superior to Teavana,
By Daily Drinker
September 26, 2012
Essential Grocery Item
I am rating this as a regular grocery item, not as a luxury item. And as a thrice daily tea, this IS a five star tea.

Low fruitiness with lots of cocoa, spice, and mineral overtones. Great morning tea. Helps build Qi for a quick workout or bicycle commute. Great refresher in the afternoon too.

My experience with this tea may be different due to the way that I prepare it. Apparently lots of people fail to "rinse" their tea before they brew it. Making a highly tannic and over-rich brew is not the best way to enjoy black (Qihong) tea, in my opinion. I stir my Keemun freely in a pot of extremely hot water for 15 to 20 seconds and discard said liquid before brewing my beverage.

I drink a variety of teas, but this one is essential. No complaints whatsoever. Good leaves, sturdy packaging, well handled. I will order this again and again forever.

Thanks so much
By Hope
Fort Wayne, In
August 26, 2012
Great tea great price
This tea is my favorite & often expensive. It is always fresh & shipped quickly
Monterey Park, calif
August 22, 2012
Keemun black tea
I get the natural benefits of tea in the morning time, before going to work.
By Cindy
Lancaster PA
August 15, 2012
Good black tea flavor
Took a chance on this tea, never tried it before. Blends well with Honey Bush.
By Carl
July 26, 2012
I really enjoy this tea, but my girlfriend hates it. It's true that it's not like any tea I've had before and it has a really powerful flavor. I only recomment trying it if you enjoy flavors that are really outside the box.
By Holly
July 25, 2012
Hooked on Tea
I am enjoying this Keemun and have already re-ordered it. This is a great product and I love the price!!
By Michael
Brewster, MA
July 10, 2012
Deep, Full-Bodied
This is my first tea of choice, the one I start every day with as the sun is just coming up. After sampling a variety of other teas, this is the one I settled on, and it's been my steady first of the day pots for a number of years now. With deep and full-bodied flavor, it is the heartiest of choices just as it is - - hot, almost as black as coffee in the cup, with just a drop of honey. A great start to the day.
By David
Ravenna, OH
May 30, 2012
Love Keemun
Keemun is my favorite, but I despaired of ever getting it at a reasonable price again after Teavana bought out my previous supplier and wanted $144/pound or $18 for two ounces. I love this tea.
By Deb
Reading, PA
May 22, 2012
Great taste
I have tried Keemun from other companies and this is just as good if not better and at a great price! Will buy again.
By Barb
San Jose, CA
May 16, 2012
I love black tea, but I have to pay attention to my stomach. The acid of tea gives me heartburn very often, but with Keemun I'm going save. Perfect for my breakfast and my afternoon tea.
By jgrelich
Huntington Beach, CA
May 13, 2012
Keemun Black tea
Strong pleasant taste
By Bob
May 9, 2012
Rich and sweet
This is my favorite every day tea. I find the flavor both rich and sweet and highly recommend it.
By Fred
Tiffin, Oh
April 17, 2012
No Sweetener needed
Very enjoyable, worth making during a busy day , just time to set down and sip a cup.
By Dr. Esor BenSorek
New York
April 13, 2012
Keemun Black Tea is the finest of its kind in the world.
Portland, OR
April 10, 2012
Value-priced, decent tea
The pound of tea shipped promptly, arriving in a flat box that fit in my narrow mailbox. The leaves were denser than other teas at this low price. Thus I initially misjudged quantity for the first cup and made a discouragingly harsh brew. I unsacked the tea, stored it in a canister and gave it another chance. On opening the canister I gratefully inhaled that darkly fermented scent with hints of fruitiness that says, "Ah, keemun." As long as I carefully measure the amount of leaf to the amount of water, this tea is quite decent - especially for the price. I've had better but also much worse. Four stars for value.
By Kris
April 9, 2012
The Queen of Tea
I am such a fan of Keemun tea that it has been my tea of choice for more than 20 years. I hunted high and low to find a Keemun similar to the tea I bought for years from the now defunct Special Teas and Enjoying Tea's Keemun Black tea was the closest tea on the market for a very competitive price. It is a full bodied China tea with the characteristic red wine color and the slightest hint of smokiness. Add a bit of milk and you have the perfect way to begin any day.
By stephen
manistee, michigan
April 5, 2012
Different, but delicious
A very full bodied tea with a strong earthy, peaty flavor. Took a few pots to get used to the peatiness, but then I loved it because its so different from other Keemuns I have drank. Stands up to a second brewing and good with a blast of milk.
By M.Z.
January 27, 2012
lost treasure
This tea is absolutely delicious. It arrived fresh, aromatic and about the best flavored tea I've ever tasted.
By Paula
Tacoma, WA
November 2, 2011
Five Stars
This is my favorite tea. Tall, dark and classic.
I drink mostly hot but it will ice well also.
By Jordan
Hugo, MN
September 16, 2011
Review for Keemun Black Tea, (Qihong)
I think this tea is pretty strong but is great for a person who just wants a nice cup of black tea.
By Michael
Rhinelander, Wisconsin
March 8, 2011
My favorite black tea.
I have loved many black teas over the years but this one is at the top of my list! A great after taste. Very smooth. Add a drop of cream if you wish, but it can stand alone without overpowering your taste buds. The bouquet is exquisite. I recommend this tea to anyone who loves classic black teas.

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