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Iron Teapot Warmer


This cast iron teapot warmer will keep your tea warm with a single illuminating candle. It can be used with 300ml to 1000ml teapots. (5 3/4" dia x 3" ht)

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Iron Teapot Warmer   $26.98
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By Nicole
December 17, 2014
Absolutely beautiful!
This product is wonderful. I bought it for my boyfriend and i can't wait for him to use it. It is beautiful and just what i expected. Make sure to read the mL of the teapot that this is for since they have different sizes. I bought the black and gold with dragon and phoenix cast iron set. It fits wonderfully :)
By Ninetrees
New England
February 5, 2014
Cast Iron Tea Warmer / Hibachi Grill 5.75" D x 3" H
1. This cast iron warmer is sturdy and can hold a wide range of teapots on the flat grill top. It seems that a larger pot would sit comfortably on the base with no grill.
2. The warmer can hold multiple tea-light sized candles, or a short votive type candle, allowing you to match your warming needs.
3. The top iron grate can be used independently as a trivet.
4. Enameled iron can easily be wiped clean.
5. Possibly also be used as a warmer for small metal or ceramic plates, and for dishes such as fondue.
6. The included stand did not work well inside the base, but did work well as a standalone warmer with a tealight.

You can use multiple tea lights (up to four) in this for more heat.

It does get hot to the touch, as all cast iron does.

Came with a small warmer inside, not pictured. I'm using it to keep tea warm with a tea light.

Box came with no instructions.
!!!From Sears: The warmer has a texture on top for placing teapots, and a tea light holder underneath. Hmm. Not much help. See test results below.
So I contacted one of the vendors of this product. After two weeks came the answer "There are 3 pieces. The warmer lid goes on top of the warmer bowl. There is also one piece that you put inside the warmer. This piece you is (sic) to hold the candle." This did not work for me. See below.

We put a 1200 mL pot on top with 1L of water @ 180°F.
The first time we tried to use the center ring (3rd piece), the candle was so close to the grill that it went out.
We then removed the center ring, and put something that would lower the candle, but not by much.
The candle then burned, but left soot on the grill and the pot. Ouch. The temperature drifted down to 150°F in 1 hour and 140°F in 2 hours. Not acceptable. I could not find a configuration that used the 3rd piece to hold any tealight.

Next test:
Removed the inner ring. Put the tea light right on the bottom of the large bowl bottom, put the grill on top, and filled the teapot with 1L of 180°F water. 1 hour later it was 160°F. Not too bad, especially considering that if several individuals were using the pot, it isn't likely that it would last that long.
2 hours later, the water was 150°F, so that seems to indicate that using the inner ring is not a good idea. Having the water at 150°F after 2 hours seems OK to me. But is also seems that I need to give this warmer a head start to get all that iron warmed up, whereas my Grosche Alexandria SS warmer has a faster startup.

Next up:
I used the inner ring as a warmer. After 1 hour the water temperature rose from 140°F to 150°F. It stayed there for the next hour, so I guess that this approach is reasonable. Now we have two warmers, with one of them that nests in the other for storing.

Still looking:
Placed a tealight on an inverted an empty tealight tin. Placed a teapot with 200°F water on the grill. 1 hour later it was 160°F, and after 2 hours, 150°F. This looks like a possible idea, except that I'd like something the size of the tealight tin, a good thermal insulator, and heavier, so that it is (I suppose) less likely to move if the warmer is moved. Almost anything will do...the tealight tin might reach 200°F whilst the candle burns, but even wood won't burn until 450°F, and wood is a good insulator (used for trivets for cast iron fajita pans, for example). Inasmuch as the temperatures seemed similar to those where no riser was used, there may not be a real benefit.

I suspect that the texture of the grill provides a benefit overall, because it "traps" pockets of warm air from the candle, and slows the movement of heated air from the warmer. It does not keep the water as hot as my Grosche Alexandria Stainless Steel Teapot Warmer, which kept the water at about 165°F for a few hours.

By Aning
Hampton Roads, Virginia
April 28, 2013
Mom's Birthday gift-Price and Value
Oh! I just realized upon closer inspection of this photo that the third pieces goes inside the warmer. I got this to go with a tea set, but the warmer didn't come with directions--wondered if the third piece was to hold up the entire warmer, though it seemed much too narrow. Glad I know. Have yet to put this into action, but the construction seems sound and of good quality. My parents really wish they could understand why you can't use something like coals to heat up the pot of tea from scratch. I'd like to see if you could use a small sterno in it and make shabu shabu!
By Suz
Portland, OR
May 12, 2012
Good descriptive title.
It works just as well as more expensive version I purchased at Teavana. Less likely to go out with large opening for air.
By Mervette
Vancouver, BC
April 27, 2012
What a great warmer. I had a ceramic one before but what a difference this cast iron one makes. It get hot from the tealight so the teapot and tea stay hot and not cool like with ceramic ones.
By HChang
April 11, 2012
It's really good, and good service!
It is three pieces, cast iron. It is big and strong enough to hold the big tea pot. It is cast iron, so you can use it as camping/ cooking stove (if you want to put some coals inside.) good!
By Delaney
April 20, 2011
Cast Iron Will Take Some Heat
Keeps My Teapot Warm!

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