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Healing Tea Recipes

Cultivation of health is a central aspect of Asian culture. Tea have become both an enjoyment of life and a nature medicine. Traditionally, people take time off for tea either to enjoy a period of repose or to chat with friends. This is a wonderful opportunity to sit back to relax and allow the tension of the day to slip away. Tea is a silent but powerful influence in our lives.

Because tea is drunk every day and the prevailing expectation is to keep oneself in optimum health, each family will treat minor dips in health with household tea based cures. Each of the following recipes is a mild treatment and not an instant cure for the ailment listed. (Note: please consult your doctor if you have a serious or enduring ailment.) The effects of taking the tea is mild and cumulative. You should take at least 2-3 cups of the tea each day.

Below is a list of popular tea recipes:

Tea Recipes
Condition / Purpose Tea
For Slimming Oolong Tea
For High Blood Pressure Banana Tea
For High Blood Pressure Lotus Tea
For Reducing Internal Heat & Mild Sunstroke Hot Chrysanthemum Tea
For Restoring Health and Vigor Peanut & Ginger Tea
For Restoring Health and Vigor Lichee & Plum Tea
For Restoring Health and Vigor Longan Tea
For Restoring Health and Vigor Dry Fried Rice Tea
For Restoring Health and Vigor Eight Treasure Tea
For Strengthen Immune System Shrimp Tea
For Restoring Blood Red Date Tea
For Common Cold Ginger & Onion Tea
For Cold & Feverish Headache Sweet Ginger Tea
For Coughs White Radish Tea
For Itchy Throat But No Cough Licorice Tea
For Dry Sore Throat Honey Lemon Tea
For Flu Lei Cha Tea
For Quenching Thirst & Mild Sunstroke Cold Chrysanthemum Tea
For Improving Appetite Tomato Tea
For Diarrhea Mung Bean Tea
For Bowel Pain Rice Vinegar Tea
For Restoring Energy Ginseng Tea
For Relieving Stress Rose Green Tea
For Reducing High Cholesterol & High Blood Pressure Imperial Kuding Tea
For Helping With Weight Loss Wild Bitter Tea

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