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Wuyi Rock Tea, (Wuyi Wulong)

This famous oolong tea from Fujian province is found in the gaps of rocks on Wuyi Mountain, making cultivation difficult. The leaves are hand-rolled and pan-fired at their aromatic peak. Afterwards they are charcoal-fired in small batches to produce its deep green color and rich flavors. When brewed this tea produces a smooth aroma with a deliciously sweet, roasted taste. This tea will continue to taste great even after many infusions. In addition, studies have shown that this tea has weight loss benefits.

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Product Reviews
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28 Reviews
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93% Recommend this product (26 of 28 responses)
By Jordan L Smith
Washington, DC
April 8, 2018
Roasty Toasty
Not your typical oolong, but it's a very tasty roasted flavor tea. One of my favorites, particularly at this price point.
By Bert Shoemaker
Aiken, SC
March 28, 2018
Classic oolong!
Great Oolong flavor at an affordable cost.
By Charlotte
Durham, N. C.
February 28, 2018
Very good tea!
I really like the finish of this tea.
By Levi
Henderson, NV
February 15, 2018
Great Classic Oolong
Nice smooth tea, no bitterness at all when brewed 4-5 minutes. It has that classic oolong taste. The flavor is very good and slightly buttery, and brews a little stronger and darker than the greener oolongs. The leaves don't fully open on the first steeping, so multiple infusions work well. For the price, this tea is a very good value. One of my favorites.
By Gregory
Grayson, GA
December 20, 2017
Very Pleasant Surprise !
Tried this for medicinal purposes and have been very pleased with the smooth taste and multiple brews. This is a great tea! Give it a try.
By Bert
November 11, 2017
Great value!
A great Oolong flavor at a fair price!
By Brandon
Aurora, CO
November 7, 2015
mild tasting oolong
This tea is a little weak for my tastes. I usually add more leaves than I normally would.
By David
Ellenboro, NC
August 16, 2015
A Stronger Oolong
To me, Oolongs have a somewhat subdued flavor. Wuyi Rock is a bit stronger flavored than most of its counterparts. It has a "smokey" flavor that is more pronounced than what I have observed in other two other comparable Oolongs, Big Red Robe and Hairy Crab. That said, is a good tea that I regularly cycle into my morning teas to infuse variety into my tea-drinking life. It is not at the top of my Oolong ratings, but it is a good tea all the same.
By Bert Shoemaker
Vero Beach, FL
February 15, 2015
Good Value!
A delicate oolong with a unique flavor, and a very good value for the money.
By Michael
Cape Cod
January 14, 2015
Rich Mellow Flavor
I like this tea, from Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province. Good and deep flavor to start my day. Rich, mellow, sweet aftertaste. It comes from beautiful area - - nice boat ride along waters that wind through countryside between mountains.
By Steve
Washington DC
August 27, 2014
Bright and brisk
The act of making and sipping my Wuyi Rock tea is a calm oasis in my day. The rich aroma fills the room as I clean and then steep the tea. No matter how hectic the work environment, it always soothes and refreshs. I have tried many varieties of tea from but this remains my all-time favorite.
By rosemary
San Francisco, California
July 22, 2014
Ooh, Oolong
Morning, noon, or night , hot or iced, this is a very tasty tea!
By Janet
Portland, Oregon
January 11, 2014
Wuyi Rock
My very favorite tea! I don't bother with a tea ball, just put the leaves in my mug, add hot water, and give the leaves time to settle. Usually I get two cups from a heaping teaspoon of leaves.

And I have to say, the service is great. It always arrives very quickly and includes a coupon for the next order.

By Adam
Medford, NY
November 26, 2013
Great tea
Great tea!
By Brucenmurray
November 15, 2013
My current favorite
Love the flavor and aroma of this tea. I am not good at describing tea like a fine wine as I see done here but I really enjoy this tea and highly recommend.
By Janet
Portland, Oregon
April 13, 2013
Good Job!
Not only is the Wuyi Rock Tea wonderful, the shipment arrived in record time. Thanks for a job well done.
By carl bowman
Woodland Mills, Tennessee
April 9, 2013
A good oolong tea
I enjoy this tea, it has everything I look for in a typical Oolong. Nothing really stands out strongly, it's a well balanced oolong with some floral notes, some smokey notes. I enjoy a little more body but when I upped the amount of tea leaves per cup I began to hit bitterness. But all in all this is a great tea to enjoy everyday.
By Leila
Kansas City
January 26, 2013
My go-to tea!
I love this stuff. I always order it and drink every single day. It's got a robust flavour and a dark colour. It's smoky tasting and almost has a nori quality to it. It's kinda bitter without sugar, but I really think it tastes best with sugar or honey added anyways. I always brew super dark and drink it nice and sweet. It's got that satisfying substance that a cup of coffee has.
By Charlie McCown
Orlando, Florida
June 19, 2012
Wuyi Rock tea - My favorite
I have tried lots of different teas here and I do prefer black teas most of the time. When I first tried this Wuyi Rock, I was so very pleased. It is now my favorite.
It has a sweet, malty taste that is very full but mellow. I usually put a little sugar in my tea, but this one does not need it.
It costs a little more, but for me it is well worth it!
By Ken
Washington DC
April 21, 2012
OK Tea, but no Finesse
Not a bad Wuyi Rock ea, but lacks the depth and sweet finish of some Oolongs from same region
By Charlie
Orlando Florida
April 11, 2012
Delightful Oolong
This is the first time I tried this tea. I love Oolong teas in general but this is one of the best I have tried. This tea has a wonderful rich full bodied "straw" flavor that is neither acidic or drying to the tongue. I like it with a little soy milk and sugar, but it is also delicious plain.
Some Oolongs are rather tasteless with no finish, but this tea has a wonderful finish, leaving a pleasant after note in the nose.
Highly Recommended
By lj
No. California
April 10, 2012
I drink tea all day and this tea is my favorite. I get three and sometimes four servings (depending on
water temp). It has a wonderful fragrance which enhances the moment, sip and enjoy
By Jesse
Garland, Tx
April 10, 2012
Best tea I have ever had.
What a wonderful fresh and unique taste.
By Charles
Victoria BC Canada
April 10, 2012
Superb Oolong
As a neophyte with tea all I have to go on is my own personal experience. I tried this as part of a tea sampler package and decided then and there that here was a tea that I could enjoy time and again. It has a deep color, a richness on the tongue and a beautiful lingering presence in the mouth. I suspect that Wuyi Rock Tea will be a constant in whatever years I have left.
By Stacey
Hood River, OR
February 18, 2012
This is my favorite Oolong!
Some Oolongs taste waxy and floral to me while others taste too much like green tea. This Oolong is crisp and sweet with a slight smoky finish. And you can steep it multiple times, and while each infusion gives off slightly different characteristic, they are NEVER bitter or dull. If you're the type to brew several cups throughout your morning and you're after a crisp, non-floral Oolong, then give this one a go! And at that price... what's not to love?!?!
By Janae
April 21, 2011
Great oolong, complex flavor
I have actually sampled almost every single oolong has to offer. This one was my favorite.
The first time I tasted it I actually thought I caught a hint of chocolate. It's a dark brew with a lot of depth, but not bitter. Oolongs are very easy teas for beginners. This one would be especially so.
By kevin
bronx, newyork
May 9, 2010
great tea,great taste.the 3rd or 4th infusion is best,i love the aroma of this tea,and the quality of this tea from is just wonderful!
By TeaEnjoyer
Grand Rapids, MI
October 10, 2009
Satisfaction guaranteed
This is the perfect oolong to serve folks who think they don't like oolong--smooth, flavorful, mouth-filling, just enough complexity to make things interesting, very forgiving to brew. And the price is awfully hard to beat!

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